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My Accent offends people :'(

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Well apparently while making an arrest to a Southern guy he commented on my accent saying it was fake and i should stop because i was offending him. I tried to explain to him im from SC and its not fake. So lesson of this is dont talk because even your true accent might offend people.

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Haha that is so true im still trying to figure out what Grandma Garys accent. Maybe next time ill do a British accent or Australian maybe German ill use words like pip pip and cheerio and barbie and mate heck ill throw in some hail hitler. Because that shouldnt offend people. Right? I mean i dont want to offend people with my accent so why not XD .maybe next time im on ill be the jumper in Kavala Square who knows.

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Snake just told me my accent offends him i want comp. I was filming it hes's gonna get blacklisted if i dont get comp XD I need $1 for comp otherwise imma do something like jay walk or do a burnout in the square.

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