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**Upcoming Auction** Beautiful Home & Garage up for sale!

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Today we have a beautiful two-story family home up for bids! This extravagant home resides in the beautiful city of Neri, district of DP1.

This home sports a Greek style exterior. HUGE dining area. GREAT location! Friendly neighborhood. Urban setting. Weed Smoke-Free home. Never had drugs done in it (Not Even Once)                

 Bidding opens at: $2,800,000   Auction ends in 24 hours.

We also have an un-attached single car garage up for bids! Newly poured concrete floor, great lighting. This would make an amazing pairing to the above home for sale. Just a nice walk down the street.

Bidding opens at: $600,000  Auction ends in 24 hours.


Links to photos of house and garage.








Altis Realty Group, LLC is not held responsible for any crimes that may have been committed in this home in the past nor are we responsible for any crime committed in the establishment in the future. All information stated is completely true. We are not responsible for any mental disability diagnosed to any party reading this post. This may include,but is not limited to Autism, Dwarfism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Aids, HIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, SFS(Stupid F**k Syndrome), SIDS, and OCD. Altis Realty Group, LLC apologizes in advance for any poor individual who just wasted 2 minutes of their life reading this disclaimer. For real though, buy this shit house please.


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