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Taking a break from Olympus so selling all this shit. Give offers.

Cop Shit

6 spike strips

3 MX Tazer

9 P07 Tazer

1 MX3GL Tazer

1 4-five Tazer

1 Type 115 Tazer

1 ARCO Black

4 Bipod Black

16 NV Black

3 4-five mags

45 MX mags

8 Flashbangs

11 Police Caps

15 Police Clothes

17 Police Tac Vests

Ill only sell the CSAT if I get a really good offer cause tanking shots is fun

4 Green Hex CSAT

10 Hex CSAT

5 Urban CSAT

And these 2 houses both are 1 craters one on the left is 1.2 away from pro and the other one is like 2.4 or something I don't remember


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6 minutes ago, Berg02 said:


I mean it was a joke but i'll give you like 30k? 

1 hour ago, Berg02 said:

1 ARCO Black

4 Bipod Black

16 NV Black

and I'll give you 350 for all of that aswell. So 380k in total with the hats.

1 hour ago, Berg02 said:

10 Hex CSAT

5 Urban CSAT

And a mill for all all that.

Forget the other shit I want the CSATs.

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23 minutes ago, Daevon said:

2.2m for all csat and 2mx and 45mags

25 mags and you got a deal

15 hours ago, chopchop129 said:

ill give 700k for the MX tazer 1 set of police and a flashbang



19 hours ago, Mike Pence said:


steam is enzob007 add me if u wanna buy this shit

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