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Alright guys, since the update (about 8 hours) I have already been killed multiple times by multiple guys shooting from heli's.


It seems that this is going to be a normal occurance now and forever.....




Now that we have insurance and what not, blowing up a vehicle is not as severe as it once was.


I think we need the Titan back ASAP and we need it at a much LOWER price.



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The problem with titans, was I believe mainly, that many times you could just shoot one without texting, and it would hit, knock down the chopper but people would die in the crash, and we would never know who shot the titan without RP. That happened to me multiple times, and it is NOT fun. I think theyre currently working on fixing that so that they can implement them or a similar weapon soon. I suggest adding in "[POTP] L3g1t has just shot a titan!" as they do with suicide vests. simple unless more than one person shoots a titan at roughly the same time.

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I'd be cool with the nerfed Titan idea.


But to be honest, heli's with shooters on them have to steady out their shooters to fire at you.


I haven't played Civ yet, but I can't count on both hands how many people I tazed when they lined up their heli's for shots on me. Just understand that the shooters are very vulnerable when they are steady to take shots from the helis.

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I will be nerfing titans before adding them back so they no longer 1 hit kill, and ill make it so it actually shows who killed with the titan or atleast who shot it. They'll be back soon.



For roleplay purposes only, can the APD please be allowed to use TITANS now?

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