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Locked Extorting the Police for $$$, APD be Aware

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Well, [iDG] Eddie.U has been extorting me for money because I lethaled him on accident... That being said i sent him 400k when he only lost a rook, $28000, a bandoleer, 27 lockpicks and 6 zipties. So heres how the story goes, I issue him a ticket for attempted auto theft, he pays it and begins to insult me I tell him not to do that and I ignore it. I then get into my truck to leave, he continues to insult me, I then exit the vehilce and say hands up he pulls a rook and fires on me hitting me I pull my PO7 and fire at him, the weapon somehow kills him. I text him afterwards and tell him IDK what happened and I will comp him, He says he is gonna get me banned because he is talking to a moderator and i used CIV ammo, but thats odd because I cant buy civ ammo. He then says 300k Comp or I report you for using CIV ammo.  Since i was gonna comp anyway i send hm 300k, he then later states that he wants another 100k or he will report me, so I tell him wait a minute I am flying and I will send him the $$$. He says i have 3 min or im getting banned. I send him the money because I really dont want something to come of it but I could have sworn that. All I know is that this is out of RP, and its plain extortion... I understand I may have done something wrong but this level of overcompensation is ridiculous. Just want all Officers to be aware that this is happening. (last note this was the 5th wave to the same area where he was actively involved in a massive war, and we were just going to clean up the battlefield) Please see the screenshots for his threats, for some reason the 300k demand for compensation was not in my recent texts. May have been a 911 call.





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You wont be banned for killing someone with a P07, it doesn't matter what bullets you put in it that model is incapable of firing lethal rounds.  It has been known to randomly kill people though its quite rare.  As to the compensation that was way too generous =P


Say no to extortion!  I see in one of the message he estimated his losses was near $458k so my question is where did he get the diamond plated Rook from!? WANT

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I've been killed by/killed with the P07, and it's always been a thing where it's not the cops fault, but something you put in a compensation ticket for if you want fixed. You're not wrong for using your P07 as a non-lethal way of downing, the server is wrong for killing him with the P07.

Personally, I wouldn't have sent him anything. P07 isn't lethal, there is no such thing as 'Civ ammo'. The 9mm 30RND mags that you load into a P07 are non-lethal in the P07, but lethal in the Rook/PDW. The same for the Sting, they're not lethal in the sting, but lethal in the Rook/PDW. 100% a server-side glitch.


Also to my knowledge, the whole 'comp or ban' thing - once you've been comped, you can't tell them 'give me more or i'll report you'. It's comp or ban. Quite sure accepting comp then submitting a ticket is itself bannable. If it's not, it definitely should be.

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Crap like this is what pisses me off. So to make it right I will be removing the money from his account and placing it back into yours. If he wants to say you broke a rule then record and report otherwise he can STFU. When he shot at you he then made the choice to get shot back. I have been hearing way to much of this happening lately and enough is enough. Players will start getting banned for crap like this. If someone does something wrong deal with it like a rational person and not a 10 year old on a power trip. If someone offers ya comp for a mistake then grow the hell up and accept it or not, don't keep going after the person for more money. As Gary stated they can once in awhile kill someone but it doesn't happen often. In this case you were fine, it was a glitch and you wouldn't have gotten in trouble for it.


Now on the flip side of things, an issue like this should be submitted in a ticket and not the open forum. If someone is trying to pull crap like this then report them and we will deal with the matter.

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