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Poll on AFM

Forcing AFM  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see AFM forced to be used on Olympus?

    • Yes.
    • No.

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I voted no, and I'll tell you why.


There was a thread about update 6.25 that exploded about the AFM.


A few of us were loud about how awesome AFM would be, and a few were loud about how horrible it would be.


Here's the thing, in that thread Harpoon found out a way to almost nullify the effects of the AFM. If you change your collective ascend/descend settings to the analogue ones instead, then its almost the same as the standard FM.


Yeah, forcing the AFM solve the proper problems with heli's for a couple weeks until everybody figures out about those control settings. And then we're back to square one.


I'd personally love for the AFM to be forced, but only if its actually going to solve a problem. With those control settings, it's only a temporary fix and doesn't really add anything, apart from removing the ability to pull off some of those really tight maneuvers.


I only voted no because there isn't an "I don't care" option. Because I don't care either way at this point.

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I will say truck capacity will help, because donators trunk cap on a Mohawk is 560, and a Huron is 500.... REALLY WHAT DO $100 donators gain?

Maneuvering for starters when comparing those two lol.

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