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  1. Just would like to say I miss you all here on Olympus and I will be back!! My life has been turned upside down this year and Ive needed to take time away to sort things out. I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon!!

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    2. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      the titan whore deathdingo

    3. Winters


      <3 u Dingo. Be back soon. :D

    4. yoitsdanny1


      Good Stuff Dingo!!! Hoping all is well with ya!

  2. I remember when a young man asked me to join in on a meth run one day, and then asked all about my titan...well the rest is history. Happy Birthday Kanger!!!!

    1. Phizx


      You , sir, have created a helicopter destructing monster! Happy Birthday Kanger!

  3. Well there is an internet outage in my area so Im shit on once again by the dingos lol.

  4. I'd like to see an Event where its a 1v1 CQC tournament and also a long range shot 1v1 tournament. Not just gangs can enter and its all about what YOU can do versus one other person. Who has the best long range shot on Olympus? Who is the best in CQC on Olympus? Lets find out without question who the best is!!

  5. Why don't you guys go do a run or two instead of posting about it here. Pretty bad this thread was even made lmao Stop being lazy and earn. Simple.
  6. Money on Altis here is the easiest to make...anyone asking for hand outs are just to lazy to earn it themselves IMO.
  7. Ace I hate to see you go. You have been great for Olympus. I will miss "resisting" in front of you while you were on APD...hope to see you in-game on CIV!!
  8. For about 8 months now I have had this prob. It has been happening to me about 2-3 times a week over this period. I will log into the server I will be invisible and it will say in my HP meter that Im dead, I wont be able to move or do anything. I will soft log and then when I go back in, I will be back alive and I can see myself, but I will not have a backpack. I have lost to many titan rockets and RGO nades to this problem. I have always summed it up to my high ping here in Australia.
  9. 3 Mil in rockets fired at heli's so far today=pretty good day :)

  10. I have been saying this since last Oct when I was an Air Responder and I always got shut down about the idea. FREE Medics and let them help and save lives EVERYWHERE on the Map including Rebels and Warzone...just let ALL Ranks of Medics SAVE people EVERYWHERE PLEASE!!!! And on another note, keep up the good work out there R&R
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