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A joke in bad taste...

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so im a ST.louis native and went up last night to the hazelwood area( 2 miles give or take from ferguson) where a friend lives.... saw first hand R&R being escorted by police (Sgts and down lol) ... but in all seriousness STL was a mad house my buddies truck which we drove up in got a window busted out and dented while we were waiting for a route around highway 44 to open up ( protestors got on the highway and blocked the path).... crazy shit ... good thing us missouri boys have CCW's lol

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Better comp him for his hat and his smokes or in comes the ban hammer... but in all seriousness my personal opinion is the cop did what he had to do, but that does not permit riots just because of a decision made. And also from here on out he will probably have to wear a bulletproof vest for the rest of his life because people are going to try to kill him. Kill a man and light businesses on fire and flip cars because one man reached for an officers gun after he attempted to have a chat with him about the recent swisher sweet thefts... sad state America is in right now...

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