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  1. Docta Motha Fuckin James says hello all you smexy people

  2. Well recovering from surgery guys... everything went well i still wish to comp or ban the doctors for takign so long but as of right now everything looks like im in the clear

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    2. (BurBan)Stealth


      that's great news!

    3. Muthinator


      Good to hear buddy! Have a speedy recovery!

    4. Gucci Mane

      Gucci Mane

      Awesome!!! Great news!!!!

  3. Farewell Stream with My Boy Kratos :)

  4. Virus i need a solid man. after my surgery i wish for you to write the doctor inform him it took more than 10 minutes to complete and comporban me

    1. Virus


      Any time sir. Those doctors be taking up too much of your time and time=money therefore we will get you comp

  5. Surgery less than a week away dOing a farewell stream Sunday

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    2. Fedot



    3. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      Hope it all goes well, Doc. See you when you get back.

    4. Spondy9


      hurry back Doc I miss you. you are one of the best RPers on olypus. Love your voice.

  6. Mister miracle isn't old enough to sound like quan
  7. STREAM IS up sorry about caps, hit me up 15 viewers and a giveaway will happen maybe 2

    1. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      What is the link? ;-;

  8. I was pay of a martial law second day as Corp. It was myself, spectral, a few constables and i believe Travis and everyone on the server was in Kampala murdering everyone so Travis callef it and the lethal and ban hammers started flying
  9. #DoctotJames#Kratos for most impressive cop robbery and most situations bull shitted our way out of today :)

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    2. Fedot


      Jamesing: verb : The Att of Bull Shitting your way out of Trouble.

      The Insurance company Jamesing me everytime I make a claim

    3. Doctor James

      Doctor James

      Lmao jorbis we robbed 7 or 8 cops and half the time we either only had rooks or we didn't have any weapons lol

    4. Kratos


      Lol was a good day

  10. I can see the scenarios of stopping the shots towards the cops while their buddy is being escorted and i get it that cops do it sometimes i dont always have a problem with it, the only part that comes into problems is after the cop gets the guy to his car he hops in the car and drives away from the area with the criminal. Thats when it bothers me.
  11. Gucci mane where is that dam screen shot you took man

    1. Gucci Mane

      Gucci Mane

      I'll up it in about 2 hours mane!!

  12. Plus if you aren't caught in the act the cop well never know you have it on you
  13. You can talk your self out a drug tickets if you are good man I've talked my way out of 700k tickets you just have to make your story believable
  14. have had a couple of messages and what not asking about me, just so you guys all know. the tumor currently is benign and surgery will be conducted at the beginning of March so after this month I well be out of commission for a fee days for recovery guys.

  15. so apparently deputies don't find it funny when you walk up behind them while playing medic and say "hands up or be healed by Doctor James"

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    2. Doctor James
    3. Fedot


      INB4 Medics get restrained for Verbal threatning... "He Said he would put his finger in my Butt to check for 'Cancer'" ~ APD Deputies

    4. Doctor James

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