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AMS Disbanding

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Altis Mercenary Services Has been a little crew that grew quickly to become one of the biggest. But after some time us founders / higher Ups have decided that it would be for the best to stop whilst were at the top. we have surely had our moments where we've been Rekking and getting Rekked but it was fun. and now its not fun anymore, its just a "babysitting" job, which is not something we want to do. so thanks for everything olympus, AMS will now be leaving.


i myself will not be leaving olympus. NEVER, i dont know about the others but il stay. il go back to good old SPBojo and stay that way til death takes me.


Olympus 4 Life...

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Unfortunately things got a little outta control and as bojo said it became a baby sitting job. Instead of letting over half of AMS members got we felt the fairest thing to do was close our doors.. Now it gives me time to get back to what i enjoyed the most...Driving taxis  :D

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