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Olympus servers have the best map layout of all

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I wanted to post a topic that was super positive about Olympus! If you've ever been on any other server you would notice how the map on this server is so awesome that it almost tells you the rules! For instance on the asylum there is a certain hundred meter radius around the Coke feel that they can catch you but the Cokefield is only set up on the map as a red dot. Our field on our map has a checkered ring around it showing the area for probable cause. I've spent a little time on a3l and even their little map making is 100 times more confusing compared to the layout of our map. Jend truly is a awesome map creator and mod designer. Also we have a market system!!!! So cool, nothing is more exciting when you're drugged or your copper is at its highest and you are racing to the dealer sell or either stop someone else from selling. It really tends to favor people with intelligence and people who can be patient. I completely love that factor of what's going to happen... is it going to drop? it's completely thrilling all the way until the end it's a rush. Thank you so much guys for your awesome work and I can't wait to see more. Period.

P. S. Post what you like about the map below, it really shouldn't be that hard to come up with something! ^_^

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I like the map, cops, and Forums/admins. Alot of  in-game features i see on other servers are missing but they're still alot worse than olympus <3

the map is what makes me keep coming back

Truly 10/10 jendrak you do a great job.

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Virus, it doesnt really matter which home you own, if you remember correctly you are a hacker and currently run a program which allows you to see all of a players contents any how. lol


Brother, i agree with you i do love this map and the overall concept of Olympus which is what keeps me coming back here, and the amazingness i get when playing APD/RnR/CIV with certain people i happen to play with.


Doctor James ~

Unless ~ Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot the world will never change.

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I love where all the illegal areas are there awesome locations the only thing i wish changed is kavala drug dealer lol!


As someone who doesn't play civ... I agree with this. APD being able to see the drug dealer from the MSR while "running to the Kavala Checkpoint real fast" seems rather cheap.

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As someone who doesn't play civ... I agree with this. APD being able to see the drug dealer from the MSR while "running to the Kavala Checkpoint real fast" seems rather cheap.

What do you meaaaaaan I play civ! Lol and thanks for agreeing!

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There is a tale, that that's where Virus made his cash. Its just a tale though.

He made (if I remember) the first like 100 mil off of it? maybe like 70 idk.



All this talk of weed reminds me of the huge procs fight that got the house rules changed :P

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The new map is too buggy at the moment they are trying to pin point what is making all the lag so it may be a while till it gets implemented

its arma3, bugs are doomed to happen, i just want the new map ;)

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Yea the new map will hopefully be tested soon.  Poseidon seems to be MIA as of late so I can't get him to test it.  


As for locations....get ready as Altis has had a major real estate boom recently and everyone has decided to relocated into more consumer friendly buildings/locations.  Also, a boat service station has finally opened up in Kavala and Pyrgos bays.

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Lier seen you playing rebel other night. Looks like that medic life has a dark side.

I meant I don't play civ. And you're welcome.

Wait um i hate this phone sometimes

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