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Staff appreciation day

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So I think that the staff get more negative feedback than good feedback, since it's usually the negative people who are loudest. Sooo I think everyone who appreciates the admin and what they do for us should post here and show their support!! Let's show the admin that those negative nancies don't represent our servers!!

Thank you hades, Poseidon, Jendrak, ace, ares, travis, wheatkings and kratos!
We really love and appreciate all the time you put into the servers so we can have fun! I personally love the map and it's features and while I do believe it could be better, I know it's the best there is out there and that improvement is on the way! I appreciate all the work going over tons of tickets every day, moderating the forums and keeping the servers clean from hackers, clutter, and rule breakers! And for everything else you guys do for us!

Much love!!

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