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[WTS] S1 Abdera Meth House

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This is arguably the best meth house in olympus for doing pure runs, has its own little spot you can land a large helicopter like a taru in, and is a 4 crater so can hold you 3k trunk space. It is very central, so you are looking at 2.5km away from every gathering site. Doing taru runs with this house is perfect, as 2 runs of each resource fills the house full, worth over 6mil, and it comes with a little area right in front of the house where a taru can easily land. I am looking for high offers, bidding starts at 6mil, increase by 500k increments. 





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15 minutes ago, Trump24 said:

6 mill ain't the best since betting system the houses have dropped cause who needs to do runs when they can make money off betting il do 1mill you don't even have a garage so yea 

Wait how does betting decrease property values?

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3 minutes ago, Carter01 said:

Wait how does betting decrease property values?

The houses for runs because why do runs when you can bet and get more money then run ask Obama I stole 9mill from him on Sunday 

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1 hour ago, Trump24 said:

Well I made in couple hours 12 mill so all on u 

I swear dude you are the luckiest person on the server. Either way when you profit from a bet somebody else is at loss and then will have to do a run. Also on S1 atleast you are the only person I ever see doing bets often. Maybe that is just when I'm on.

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