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Side Chat BAN

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I'd like to see Olympus servers remove side chat, It's almost non stop people  accidently talking in it (voice), or just talking in it to be annoying.. It's loud and distracting and drives me mad... PLEEEEEAAAASE,  LOL  ..End the madness..   Anyone else feel the same?

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If you go into the y menu and remove sidechat, then you can not see, hear, or talk in sidechat :D problem solved

Some reason i still thought the Sqeak leaked through even when disabled.. If you are correct my whole post is invalid.. etc   lol  :) 

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imo id like to keep the side chat but get rid of voice part...ive scored a few taxi jobs or have used it seeking help from other players or helped out players from seeing things written there...if it was easy to get rid of and keep the text chat yeah why not but if its a real prick of a thing to try an implement then yeah prob not worth it then

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