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ideas to impove my recording frame rate

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1. The reason i would like to begin with recording is that photos are not acceptable forms of evidence to prove RDM.

2. I have a radeon graphics card so OBS is the program i use, but when recording is enabled i drop to 20 fps, from my normal 42 to 46 fps. Ive adjusted my settings with help provided by this forums to improve fps, and have my obs settings to be as least fps intrusive as possible... I'm looking for suggestions beyond just buying a better pc lol.

Thanks guys

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Well what resolution are you recording at? You could bump down the quality of video that is being saved, that might give you a few frames back.

Will give it a shot, thanks


If you have nvidia use shadowplay.

I wish, i have a radeon

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You have to downscale your recordings. Also only use the replay feature of OBS for your needs. If you check out the guides section on the forums you will see a couple different posts that relate to setting up OBS.

Ty for feedback, will try some alternative measures, all else fails, have to set up my 1980 vhs recording, over the shoulder 3 person view my gameplay haha, could be funny to catch my reaction of wowowowow roflroflrolf omfg comp or ban lol

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