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Moving from Twitch to Hitbox.tv

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I know that a number of you have followed me on Twitch and I want to let you know that I'll be moving my streaming over to Hitbox.tv.


There were a number of factors in making the decision: problems that I've been experiencing on Twitch, their recent Hack earlier this week, not to mention the competition there is on Twitch to get viewers, I decided to take the plunge and was able to acquire an early partnership deal for myself and a number of friends (anyone who is looking for a partnership and is willing to switch to hitbox.tv let me know and I should be able to snag you in on the same deal too).


Things are starting to settle and get back to normal for me so you should start seeing me on the servers a bit more instead of just here on the forums and TS.


You can follow my channel here: hitbox.tv/Wheatkings

Its a little bare bones at the moment but that will hopefully be cleared up soon.  Thanks ahead for any follows you guys can send my way!
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I've considered making the switch to. I'm sure the switch is easier if you are someone that doesn't pull a ton of viewers compared to someone that does. 


right which is why I did it now.  I had no chance at subs for awhile but I had 46 people who follow me and I don't want to loose them.  I've started messaging them as I can to let them know that I'm moving over to Hitbox.tv.  Hopefully they'll follow me!

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