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My games bugged after this update, anyone else?

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I figured I'd ask the people if they were experancing any similar issues like me.

When i loaded in i had 0 gear, no map, gps, nothing... ok no biggie what ever ill just buy new gear.

Go to my garage, windows key doesnt work. After 5 mins of me trying to figure it out i start walking and boom my garage inventory pops up. so i spawn a vehical and walk back to find my car upside down. takes another 2 minutes to get it to go back and store. Finally get to a place to buy gear and what do you know its bugged too. I buy gear and it doesnt appear right away so i figure maybe its just delayed so i wait. open inventory and i knotice some of it has spawned. ok cool maybe it will just take a min. pull out gun and wait. then a guy walks though the door at rebel so i pull the trigger and ... nothing happens... i have 1 of the 5 clips i bought and its reloaded but nothing. after he strolls in he looks at me finally and then kills me... great. there goes 100k load out and a chopper (guy odviously would chop it) (side note tells me 300k and i can have it back... um dude it cost less than that to insure it and your lucky the game was glitched or ya woulda been dead). ... anyway then i respawn and i have 2 bacon on me wtf?! ok try to buy gear at athira and it buggs out.... switching my cloths i just bought back and forworth from civ to the clothes i bought....


The point of this rant is to see if anyone else is having any issues. As i dont record i dought i will be getting comped for any of it and as i have learned screen shots dont count (understanably). Sucks that im out around 400k, which isnt that big of a deal but its the point.


Any ETA on how long this will take to get fixed. I finally have time to play and now i can't go fig.

Hopefully this wont effect the speratic population. I will reattempt to play agian in an hour or 2.

Thanks for the positive community input.


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It's possible that you were experiencing lag, try to play again and do simple things around a city to see if you're still experiencing the issue. Try moving around the city from vendor to vendor, try pulling a vehicle from your garage and putting it back inside. Watch for the other players around are they stuttering? Voices cutting out? If the problem persists restart your computer and network. (Modem and Router if you have both)

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I just tried again, same issues. many witnesses to the arma bugs i was experiencing. Group of guys tried robing me, couldn't take my gear. i couldn't flip a vehicle that spawned upside down, and now a new bug for me... when i die or respawn or even log out reload the game and log back in i can pick the location to spawn, sometimes with the gear i had on previously.  odd. will be messaging the admins to make them fully aware so i dont get a weird ban.

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