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Connected from 9-6 during ( while at work ) the day and play during the night...

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I know man. It's crazy. Yesterday I tell my wife. Hey hun I'll come to bed in a sec. That second became three hours. Ridiculously addictive! 

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It's fun, until all you do is FED and Jail every 30 minutes and then go back to deal with Hades or Gary =[


I would say LOL to that. But I wouldn't know what I'm LOL-ing at. Maybe down the road I will LOL appropriately. hehe. 

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What do you do for all that time? Sometimes I'll try and do a drug run and it usually fails, so then it lowers my motivation to keep playing.

That's your motivation! Try again! Until you succesfully make it. The feeling is great when you accomplish it. 

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