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Olympus Appreciation

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I've noticed lately that there have been a great amount of posts regarding how bad Olympus is, how gangs are ruining the server, how there aren't enough features/staff, ect. How about we take a break from all the flaming and complaining and actually say thanks to the staff for creating the server and for giving us the chance to play with a community of people who like to have fun? Stop bitching for one freaking day and just appreciate the server we have! I have met some extraordinary people in my time here on Olympus, and am looking forward to many more. To those of you who care and have fun on Olympus, this post is meant for you. Thanks for making Olympus my favorite gaming community.

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Peter i love you <3 no homo...Okay maybe a little ;) but in all cerealness this is a great topic/post and i agree with everything you have said. Thank you all the staff for making Olympus the most BAE server in da world  and Talindor is innocent he dosent like old grannys!!! #GrandmaGAry#Touched#Talindor#LOL

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I agree 100%. I want to thank the staff and the rest of the community for making me call Olympus home. I have never met such unique individuals anywhere else. So thanks again to everyone who pitches in every day to make this a very very different place. Hope to see you all soon! 

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Your trying to suck up to get your rank back;)


But ya olympus has the best community and its fucking fun, ill blow all admins.... no homo;)

Lol. You should have gotten the pic of me as deputy Lt dispatch air responder. Devil likes to troll.

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Lol. You should have gotten the pic of me as deputy Lt dispatch air responder. Devil likes to troll.

your lucky p0seidon hasnt trolled you... this is just one of our situations.. 59a07bddab586a8b5bd1908d4259a069.png

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