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Jaden Wilson, the story of me.

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Hi, I am new. No one knows me... I am a loner... Jk, but seeing Sir Dudes post, I have also never properly introduced myself as well... I have 12106 Minututes On this server, and I love it. I used to play on STS (Seal Team Sloth,) but there I have never seen a community as great as this one.

I have got a computer about 4 or 5 years ago, coming from console (I was that kid who thought PC had shit graphics, and Xbox was better.) I started as I said, for or 5 years ago, so I would have been 11 or 12 years old. So of course, I was never accepted in anything for my high pitched voice, which sucked ass... Then now, I get to truly experience the PC community, and that is also why I will try my best to accept young, but mature kids.

I played a lot of Mortal Online my first years of PC gaming, and I have had so many memorable moments in that game! Then I met some friends, and was introduced into Arma 2. BEST GAME EVER! Soon after my Arma 2 days, my computer broke. So I went about a year without my PC, then comming back, I came back to Arma 3, and played a hell a lot of that. 

This this year I met Cleve Quief, or Alex IRl. I soon became a good friend with him. I got him into Arma 3, and he got Ryder Wilson, or Christian into the Arma 3 game with us, and that is where I am now. Sorry if this a bit confusing, as I didnt set up a plot line, but I hope this gives a little more back story about me!

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