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Not new, just realized forums exist though.


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Hey, I'm Tarquanda,

like I said, I'm not new to the Olympus servers. I used to be in a number of old gangs from Server 2 (when it was full time) including; Error and SPQR most notably. I started my own gang called 89, kind of just as a meme (because obviously 88 exists). The name seems kind of jaded now though since it was more of a server 2 joke, and 88 isn't very active anymore. Either way, I really enjoy playing on the server. I try to respect other people for the most part, if we are warred with your gang we don't body camp, even if you do. You'll see no toxicity in chat from me, I can't speak on behalf of my gang members. I think anyone who actually knows us or talks to us in discord will tell you that we are all really chill, we don't take the game too seriously, and are able to accept if someone makes a mistake or two along the way. I'm just posting this because I feel like I wanted to have some presence on the forums considering how much I play the server. Hope everyone who's reading this has a great day!


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