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Colt's Introduction

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Hello people of altis My name is Colt ingame, and as some of you now I'am the Founder of Reapers along with my good friends Savage, Damian, FadedHazard, Brry, and more but I would like to tell you all where I come from. I first started out on Asylum altis life about 2 years ago loved the hell out of it until the changes but my love for altis life was to real and I started a new life here. With my 3400hours in arma I have adapted to all habitats and known for being a Legend/Mongoloid at times.




Thank you for reading this best of luck to all of you.

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Welcome to Olympus Reapers. Hope you enjoy your stay. 


But g-sus... you guys are keeping the cops very busy with the FED robberies... I needzzz time to troll the cops too! lol

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