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Locked Semi-Farewell kinda thing?

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For those of you who dont know me, I go by the name, Zeus, head admin for Olympus. This little bit of thing im writing here is just for heads-up for some of you who I have gotten close with over the last few months.


Personally, Im not a huge gamer and before I got into this altis life thing, arma 3 didnt appeal to me. I was more of a MoBA type of a guy. But after my contract was done with a team I was playing in Heroes of Newerth, I was watching Psysyndicates' video of altis life that was recommended to me by a friend. I loved the whole roleplaying aspect and I joined several servers, not to only be disappointed by disorganization and biased treatment over one player over another.


And then time passed on, and Poseidon came to me about making an Altis Life server of our own. At the time, I was quite busy with getting ready for a company I was gonna work for in New York over the summer, but I agreed to help out whenever I got the chance.

Few weeks later, during one of my seasonal soccer games, I tore 80% of my calf muscle and I couldn't really walk anywhere without feeling substantial pain. Taking ibuprofen for weeks and weeks, my muscle has almost healed after 3 months as I have recently been going to the gym to catch up onto my usual physique. During these times, since I coudln't go to job or go out to meet friends for not as many times i would have wanted, I spent my time developing, admining Olympus and from time to time, working on kinetic typography using Adobe Effect for fun.


I have went to my doctors yesterday, and she seemed that my muscle has almost restored back to health :D.


Point of the story, I will still be on TS to help out regarding direction in which Olympus takes Altis Life and Takistan to, however, I definitely wont be as much as I was for the past 2 months. I will be busy healing up and going to the gym, getting ready for school to finish up my double major, getting ready for my job in September, and moving into a new condo :)


When I first started this project of Altis Life, I was mainly curious on why there are so many German servers and so few US servers and how that one US server took monopoly over the Arma 3 economy. Now I know that, with some dedication and some reasonable content with some quality control, its not that hard to become a successful server with active players.


I give out thanks to all the players that have donated to support this community! All your generosity goes back into supporting and the upkeep of our assets.


Been a pleasure meeting different kinds of people over Altis Life. I believe the humanity is still alive, however not for you fucking trolls out there ahaha


Thanks for reading!

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You shall be missed 1 nut!?!?


Keep da Noodle bowls alive!


Remember Pasta isn't bad for ya!


Even though you can be a pain in the ass sometimes still a fun guy to BS with. Don't be a stranger, remember to swing and say high once in awhile. The server will be here for awhile so make sure to pop in when ya get free time so ya can "F**k da police" once in awhile...lol. Peace bro and thx for the work and time you have put into the server. You shall be missed....sorta...lol

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HON > DOTA2 > League of Legends. It is nice to see HoN players still haning around. I would love to pick your brain about the META and possibly if you are interested, play some HoN or DOTA with you. Love learning from the pro's and I do watch a fair amount of E-sports.

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