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Locked Server 2 Downtime and Maintenance

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For those of you curious or confused on how you can easily transfer your gear from server 2 onto server 1 just follow this steps:

  • Make sure that before you transfer you:
    • Have not already transferred gear to a house (if you did you must redeem the gear first before transferring again)
    • Understand that you cannot undo a transfer once you confirm it 
    • Make sure you take screenshots of the house inventory if worst case happens during transfers 

Step 2.png

1. Find the house ID of your server 1 house that you would like the gear to be stored within. This ID can be found at the top right of the house menu when you access the house with windows key


Step 1.png

2. Once you know the house ID you will have to go access your house on server 2 and press "Transfer House Gear"


Step 3.png

3. After pressing "Transfer House Gear" you'll be promoted with this menu which will ask for your house ID. Simply enter the ID of the house you'd like the gear to be moved to and then press transfer. 


Step 5.png

4. Once the gear has been transferred it'll be safely stored out of reach till you can access your server 1 house. From your server 1 house you can redeem any transferred gear by pressing "Receive House Comp" and then all the gear you requested to be transferred will be placed into your house inventory. 


As always if you experience any difficulty with transferring gear feel free to contact any staff member. 

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