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APD Handbook Update (11/22/21) / PSA: SWAT Backpacks

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Chapter XIV - Server Events[edit]

  1. Airdrop raids:
    1. Officers may only enter for a singular wave.
      1. Corporal+ must be present for the raid.
      2. Sergeant+ can call in an Airdrop.
      3. Airdrops may be raided with a maximum of 5 officers.
      4. May only lethal individuals within the airdrop.
      5. APD Officers may not utilize Armed Aerial vehicles for the raid.
      6. APD Officers may utilize 1 armoured vehicle for the raid.
      7. APD Officers can respond dark or code 3 to the zone.
      8. No RP is required to engage civs that are participating in the Airdrop Event.
      9. Airdrops can be called clear after a minimum of 2 minutes and be seized by the APD.
        1. Once the Airdrop has started to be seized APD do not have to stop seizing if the area is no longer clear.
      10. Corporal+ must authorize lethals at APD HQs for Deputies/Patrol Officers involved in the raid.
  1. Gang Base Raids (Server Rules Chapter 23)
    1. No Active Skirmish
      1. Must follow rebel raid rules
        1. Exception: Limited to 5 waves
    2. Active Skirmish
      1. APD cannot raid the gang base
        1. Exception: If the APD is actively pursuing a suspect they may enter the active skirmish for 1 wave but may only attempt to apprehend/neutralize the pursued suspect
          1. If fired upon by another group of civilians the APD may return fire
          2. APD cannot request first wave backup
      2. APD cannot utilize armed aerial vehicles
        1. Exception: If the APD has actively pursued a suspect they may utilize the guns in an attempt to neutralize the suspect following standard armed aerial vehicle engagement rules however cannot return fire on any other civilian(s) that may fire upon the armed aerial vehicle
  1. Conquest Raids:
    1. Only SWAT has the ability to conduct Conquest Raids. (SWAT Rules)
      1. Exception: Non-SWAT APD members may pursue a suspect into the zone and call first wave backup, but may only open fire upon the fleeing suspects and other civilians directly aggressing officers and may not return for a second wave.
    2. APD Officers may not camp areas solely to stop or arrest conquest participants (including, but not limited to, the nearest city/rebel/sheds)

Chapter XIV - Server Events is information that was already in the APD Handbook or the Server rules moved into one chapter of the APD Handbook for easy access.

Chapter XVIII - APD Aircraft[edit]

  1. Recon Aerial Vehicle Patrol - The Aircraft can be used for both recon and rapid response. Recon patrols can be performed by any APD member, with the approval of a Corporal or higher.
    1. May not directly engage ground units.
    2. May not prohibit aerial vehicles from ascending


PSA: SWAT Backpacks

SWAT backpacks may only be utilized by regular APD Officers when they are whitelisted SWAT members. 


@Deputy Chief of Police, @Senior APD Member & @APD Member

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