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Future R&R applicants

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  For those who are interested in joining R&R I encourage you to do so, however I would like to address a growing trend with recent applicants.  It would appear that a lot of players assume that R&R is an "easy" faction to join and you do not need to study the handbook prior to the interview.  This is not the case, R&R is not as in depth as APD in reference to the rules, however if you do not study the handbook, you will not pass the interview.  We have recently revamped our test's as there was a suspicion that the R&R test questions were being passed around.  There are now multiple versions of our interview/test questions and we track which applicant received which version.  If you are interviewed for R&R and don't pass, and then try to only memorize the questions you were asked on your first interview, you will not pass your second one.  We welcome everyone to apply for R&R as it is a different RP style and allows players to be able to take a break from "running and gunning" style and play an important role on the Olympus servers.  We do not fail anyone based on like or dislike and we have a standardized way we pass/fail all applicants.  Again I encourage everyone interested to apply, once you meet the requirements, and look forward to adding more players to the R&R ranks.      

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Nice :) i have a ticket number for an interview, just haven't gotten around to wait for one yet :P I hope there is not a time limit on when you need to take it 



There is a 30 day limit which is identified when you initially submit a ticket (its stated in your acceptance email).  However if its not to far over that, I will usually accept that ticket number.  If its 2 month's old, you will have to re-submit. 

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Not saying any one specific person was in fact giving out the interview questions, only a suspicion. So in order to improve upon our fighting position we made the test so that the applicant could be presented with content that would tickle their brain housing group.

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as a person who has been part of R&R many times and retired from it, the test is not that bad and yes it is a blast to up your rp game and be the savior of many a trapped soul. You can make a person's week with a critical repair , or gain many a friend from a revive. You will be tried at times but you will be loved by most. A tad bit of advice is to be calm and collected and understand that you will be in situations that you get yelled at or insulted but as long as you give it your all the positives of this job far outreach the negative nancy's that might get upset at you. 


I loved playing R&R every single time i did it. *minus the uniform bug* I met many many good friends that still ask me if i will go back to it. All in All R&R was probably what i loved to play the most as a whitelisted slot. 


*Sidenote* I can hold protest for you if you need donuts or coffee, or something to make your day better *think fireworks*.

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R&R is also service based, which means you are expected to respond to every single call.  Regardless of how remote, how far away, or what type of call it is.  Unless of course someone is trolling.  Many Dispatch and First Responders seem to get discouraged early on and complain about not being able to fly to calls.  Put in the time and you will get your chance.  Everyone you see flying had to go through the same trial period, put in there time, and earn their wings.  Contrary to what some believe, we at R&R do have standards that must be met before one can advance in rank.  What does this mean for future and current responders?  It means you have something to look forward too, or be proud of.  True medics dont have guns, thats fine.  We dont need them.  We are some elite mother f*#kers without them! Think you have what it takes?  Come find out.

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