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Locked When they lock the fourms

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Honestly, it was mostly other peoples responses. I did ask for it to be toned down I wished for people to see it, but it was NOT meant to be like that. I just don't think Locking it and Deleting because it looked bad on them that a majority of people were backing me. I do not think it was the correct way to go.

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I would highly suggest ya stop before other things are done. Someone made a post, we replied and still did not put all the info in out of respect for the player involved. If you think we are bad then leave, as simple as that. We have had large groups of player leave in the past because they didn't agree and guess wht, most come back and new players also join. No one is forcing you to stick around. A call was made and if ya don't agree that is fine, being a complete douche about it and expecting us to do nothing about it will only end in bad results for ya.

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