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Locked Should we make a forum ban appeal?

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Ok, Not many off you guys new RogueMK and I have known him since joining [MC] he is actually a down to earth great lad but recently he received a perm ban for naughty things he did and admitted to and regret doing. Now for the people that did now him I just thought id do a poll to see what other people think about it, also to see if it would be worth appealing it, This isn't something we've all spoke about its just something that i thought about a few times now. So lets see what the community thinks.



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When a person chooses to exploit, cheat or hack in anyway they will receive a permanent ban from the servers. They are not given another chance unless they come to us first. We may then at that point cut them some slack but otherwise it is simply good-bye. It ruins the gameplay for everyone.

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