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Windows 10 and Arma.

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First of all, I'd like to apologise for terrible spelling - typing on a phone.

Windows 10 is coming out tomorrow or later on for everyone: as most of us have already registered for it and can't wait for its release I'd suggest not updating yet if you wish to play Arma.

Bohemia in their latest sitrep adressed Windows 10's builds that have been released creating issues with FPS or rendering issues have came across and do not suggest to upgrade until Arma is on update 1.50 at the least.

I'd link you to the article but read it on PC but am on phone now, just go on their website.

Personally I'll hold off updating so I don't play on potato frames until they optimise everything.

PS: Been getting shite frames? Apparently it's hotfixed.

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 I have window's 10 preview edition now for about 3 months. Arma 3 FPS has increased and the graphics haven't changed. Get windows 10, It looks better than windows 8 and less than that. 

I'm assuming Bohemia meant processing FPS. I once tried Win 10 preview and Arma and thought I'm going to endup killing myself. Processing was delayed and FPS was better instead.

In addition, they test this shiz on a lot of hardwares in multiple scenarios hence I'm sticking to their statement.

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Yea I heard a rumor that if you get Windows 10 you also get Direct X 12 for free which helps tremendously for Arma performance. That's just what I heard so don't quote me.

Gathering from their post it does not take benefits of Direct X 12

"In addition, our research of DirectX 12 is still underway for a future update."

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