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This didn't happen to me but, what if one gang tells you to revive someone or die and another says don't  revive or die.... I'm just curious

you dont do it unless the guy who is dead requests it. it would be essentially stealing money from them. also if the guy is going to kill you if you do revive said guy. i would not revive him or text the apd for back up that way you can. also i sometimes get threatened to leave or they will shoot me which is another thing they cant make you do. just tell them you cant shoot me im not reviving him which happened to me last night. if there are no apd to assist id just drive away and tell him in side chat that you cannot revive him

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I mean if I got many guns pointed at me, and this guy there is bleeding and they care 'bout him, then I guess I'd revive him yanno... this whole 'value your life' thing is not really taken into consideration 99% of times

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I'll say it again...

You can NOT be killed for refusing to revive someone. There is no dilemma here... if someone says don't revive or be shot... and you don't want to die... don't revive. If you are shot by someone else, its RDM.

This is cut and dry...

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