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Hi There! SPBojo Here!

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Hello Everyone! My name is SPBojo, or as it is in real life, Kristoffer. im a 18year old norwegian butcher and enjoys playing video games, alot. i play quite a bit which makes me able to say i have a really well game knowledge. i also enjoy music quite a bit and listen to music more than i talk, in periods of your life when things are not great, music will always be there for you. and so will video games, just get the right bunch of people to play with. but thats enough about me, lets talk about some olympus related stuff! ive been with Olympus since the first day it all started and i dont regret anything. you will mostly see me ingame on server 1 playing with the [Mafia] members or my ingame friends in general.  im always looking for new friends and people to play with, so if you ever feel like getting a new friend, dont hesitate texting me ingame or even add me on steam! <-- Link to my steam profile! im also quite active on the forums so if you want to talk to me on here, feel free.



if you got any questions or anything like that, dont hesitate asking, il more than gladly answer / help you with whatever you may need / want to know.



i have alot of good memories here on Olympus and looking forward to have alot more, with or without you included!




This has been SPBojo, telling you about myself, take care fellas!

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