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Bye Olympus


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Hello all, I have been in this community for around a year now, some may know me by Stephen898, [MC] Vengence, {NaCLO} Vengence, or T Vengence but either way I am leaving...

Why? Well I have slowly stopped playing Arma as much as I use to and put my time to other things but still played Olympus on my free time, however I was recently ban for three days from the server for RDM and was accused of having multiple accounts. The video is clear that I RDMed and it was RDM, altho it was just a lack of communication between some T members and me,as the video would show. However accusing me of having another account with no proof and never let me respond isn't cool, I have devoted alot of time to helping this server out just be being a good player and teaching others the rule but I also remember make forum posts convincing the admins of problems post wipe when things were really screwed up on the server (for those of you that remember).

Just wanna say thanks to some people that made this server great in my perspective (most of which are old players)...

-The retired head admin Hades

-The retired admin Ares

-St. Michael





- Pinkstreak (Even though her listening skills are horrible she usually remains unbiased).


I would also like to thank the gang that made this server the fun it was pre wipe and post wipe...

-Back Street Boys (IK wierd name but we had fun)



-And part of T


I wish the best for Olympus's future and for all of its players,

Good Bye Olyumpus...


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