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Where does Atlis Life take place?

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I made up the idea that it was just after the events in the Campaign, NATO and the AAF have cleared off the island, moving to Stratis or onto US mainland.

The location is the Greek islands of Altis in the mediterranean sea, I would estimate a year between 2036 and over.

Nice that is a good lore story. It would be cool to follow that more. Instead of having police have NATO forces police the island and left over AAF and OPF be the rebels trying to take back the island that was lost to the NATO (or freed depending on how you look at it)..

Again I

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Altis life takes place on a small island off the coast of Greece. It is set in the year 2035 and the island is rebuilding from a post war apocalypse. Terrorism and gang activities have taken over the island so in reality its a third world shit hole. The gang corruption has spread throughout the Police force even though the APD claims they are not corrupt. Officers make bank while the common man struggles to run a legal business. The only way to make a decent living is by participating in illegal activities. The corrupt government has complete control over its citizens ^____^ You could also go as far to say the US bought the tiny island and is in control trying to intervine to stop the bloodshed. 

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