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I think It's time.

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Well time has come for me to leave carnage as well as Olympus. Everyone in this community has been good to me, even when you have talked bad to me. I wish everyone on the server Good luck. You can remember me by a few things me being a forum troll, aswell as a pleb in game. I won't be active on the forums anymore. The main reason I'm leaving is because I feel like no one in this community likes me, and I need to start out fresh, maybe Asylum maybe another server I don't know yet.

People I wanna thank for a really really good time: 

Jeff Chaplin- For taking me in and turning me into a no life pleb.

Mubundo- Being a cock lord 

Korma- For being the funniest person I've ever met.

Kiern- Being a cock lord.

Angel- For scamming me out of Rainbow six siege but we worked out a friendship...

Berg- For letting us kill you and blow up your house :) sorry about that buddy

Bubbaloo- Getting me to PO.

Peter Long- Banning me everytime

Dezree- being the first girl on arma I've met.

Austin- For being a lord of a guy

BobFromStateFarm- crashing a helo with 9 of us in it.

Hadi- for blowing up a gas station with the 50.'s

Ham- For the late night CQC

And everyone that I had fun with, you Kavala Scats :) I'll forever LOVE YOU!

Anyway I will see you probably never but have fun everyone. This is gonna be the last Video I'll put out, but good luck everyone.


The 2nd video was by far my best time on Olympus. I hope you'll understand.



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