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My Return, After 100+ Days away, what should I expect?

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Just wondering what I should expect to see during my return to Olympus and video games as a whole(Why I was away @Bottom). New PC should be ready in about 2 weeks or less, and I will definitely play the shit out of olympus being I can finally play again. 

Some quick questions regarding what I remember and what I would like to know:
-Have legacy donation perks(people who donated before bohemia intervention and had their donor perks) became available to everyone? Id like to know because I am a legacy donator and enjoy being one of the only people to have a hatch sport.
-Have vehicle upgrades changed/gotten better or worse. 
-Has drug running been effected at all? (&or have individual prices for certain drugs been increased or reduced.)
-For people with a i7 4790k and GTX 980/970, what are your FPS like? 

I hope to see(and rob) you all soon. 


-- old laptop died, the 20 fps phantom is dead. Didnt have the money to buy a new PC so decided to save up and build a rig thats gonna last me a long time. 

New rig:

i7 4790k

Gtx 980

16gb HyperX Fury Red

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