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Broken Player Stats

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Today I tried to check my stats for the first time in about a week. I got my PID and went to the player stats page. To my suprise, the text box to put in my PID wasn't there. It doesn't work on my mobile devices either. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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8 hours ago, FuzyDice said:

The only thing fedot is good at is trolling kavala and fucking up the forums

To be fair I gave poseidon a week advance notice that the domain needs to change or this is going to break

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12 hours ago, BlackJack said:

Lol the stats page is broken atm , Poseidon is working with fedot to fix it they are aware of this issue . Should be fixed soon .

The Page is not Broken, the Page is there, however the contents in the Page are disabled until they have a domain to link it to. Then they can enable the content once linked.


2 hours ago, Frank Castle44 said:

will this mess up promotions?


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2 minutes ago, BlackJack said:

@Talindor Well yeah that's what im going towards , I meant that

whoops, accidentally quoted you LOL!


 There's no point in disabling the page as they will have a domain. Then they can just change the link to that domain :)

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