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Every time the server says 5 mins til restart I notice people essentially go balls to the wall and kill everybody. I feel like that is a very entertaining moment and maybe the admins could put in a message that is sent at that same instance and say something along the lines of "the annual purge has started, all crime is legal from now until the server reset." and just let all hell break loose. Or have one or two servers per week that are the purge, and whenever you join it says something like, "this is a purge server, for the duration of this server all crime is legal and any vigilante and/or cop action is prohibited." I feel like it would make this very entertaining like the server events as well as allow people to blow off some steam and settle some grudges. Maybe it'll put a stop to all the rdm and vdm, whether that will work or not I'm not sure but it sounds like a good attempt to get it through. What is everybody else's thoughts?

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