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Getting BS'ed at a Gang hideout

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So me and a couple friends took a gang hideout and started making a roadblock to make some money on other peoples misfortunes. Its going good then the cops show up and we kill a couple they come back this goes on for about 20-30 mins and we knew without a sergeant online they cannot come into the gang hideout. I get downed near the entrance but still far enough in so I cant be taken out. After about 5 mins a cop walks in restrains me and walks back out so he doesnt have to keep downing me which i feel is a little bit shitty. Im ok with that though its not like its in the APD handbook or anything ... But heres where we lose it aprently one of the cops goes into a different servers TS channel to talk to a admin about breaching in and he says they can. They come in a restrain 1 person. Now that is just plain wrong as us in the gang hideout how the hell were we ment to know that they are allowed in now. No higher up came on the server so we thought we were safe but getting permission from some1 on a different server is kind of shit and we didnt know they were allowed to come in. No warning they just came in after they got permission and that is crap. Say in a situation if a officer knew a sergeant or higer up in real life just give them a text and they say sure go for it makes it shit for the people who have the gang hideout this needs to be addressed so other peopled dont get BS'ed the way we did tonight.

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If they pursue you into the hideout, they can follow. From what was said to me, you were outside of the hideout and ran into it, and were pursued, thus allowing them 1 wave to enter in on you. 


best thing to do: Quit taking over gang hideouts like they're safezones. They're not. It's cheap to skirt the rules just because you know the cops can't do anything about it.

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That is a complete lie i never left the compound I had been in the compound itself for over 1 hour so how did i leave it and if i did why was i downed for 5 mins straight and then they finally decide to come in a restrain me we didn't treat it as a safe zone + all the cops were dead when all 3 of us who were still alive so they could not even have 1 wave come in but your missing the point getting permission from another server and coming back with no way of us knowing that they are coming in since no1 came online is shit and that needs to be changed they actually have to have the person who gave them permission on the server to at least over see it.  

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Admins won't give permission for APD to go inside. The only permission admins will give is to raid a home if no Sergeant is online. APD are allowed to enter one time if they were in pursuit of a player outside of the zone. If APD drive up to the area and they had no previous engagement with you then they should not be going inside the zone unless they go by the rules posted. Now I didn't see what happen but if it happen as you say then someone broke some rules. If you have video proof of it then I'd suggest submitting a ticket so them APD members can be dealt with if it happen as you say it did.

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