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Keep Senior APD Things Private

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Please note, this is not meant to start a flame war, this is an honest opinion that I believe needs to be changed.

I think it is time we talk a little about this 3J6bEIY.png

Anyways, I would really like to know why this is public knowledge. I can see only the Sr. APD/Mods/Admins having access to this, but there is no reason to have this as public knowledge.


   As some of you may know, I am a manager at a Ski Hill (which is why I am not here in the winter). When someone messes up, I talk to them in private, and keep the conversation only between us and any upper management if needed. The other managers and I NEVER post what someone did somewhere for everyone to see, especially for the customers. One of the managers there only really only does the job for fun (because come one man, who wouldn't love working at a ski hill) and manages for a firm that basically pimps out construction workers, electricians, etc as his full time job. Him and his managers also keep mishaps private, as there is no need for the public to know about.


   I could very well be mistaken, but I believe the R&R has a similar system, but keep the document private. Now I know the APD and R&R are two different things, but they still both deal with people mistakenly breaking the rules, and intentionally. In my opinion, the Senior R&R keeping this document private is a good decision.


   Again, this is not meant to be a flame post or anything of that nature, but I do strongly disagree with this being a public document and believe the Senior APD should make this private for the eyes of the Senior APD and Staff only. 

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Not something any of us wanted to do in the first place, but our hands were forced when everyone and their uncle came out of the woodwork to call us biased. I've made it my mission as the Chief to have the Senior APD follow the straight and narrow and to be as transparent, fair, and balanced as possible. The Library is necessary. It's so we can't sweep certain things under the rug while enforcing the other things. It's not our intention to lambast those who make mistakes. Our intention is to show the community that when tickets get submitted, people get disciplined no matter where they're from or whom they're affiliated with. It also serves as case law. If a report is submitted and is thrown out, the rest of the APD can look to that instance and know that they can do whatever was in the report without fear of punishment. Conversely, they can look to the library to see what will warrant discipline. I know it may look unfair to some, but we made it with the best of intentions. If the majority of the community want to see it gone, then make your voices heard. We listen and we're not opposed to change. It will stay until then. 

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41 minutes ago, JBruesch said:

The thing is, not everyone will find out, and how does it look to players entering the community seeing that list on the forums?

Part of the issue is that it can become a big game of telephone. What one sAPD may have told one person, may be completely warped by the time the 3rd or 4th person finds out about it. It can easily go from "A corporal was removed because he began lethaling people in Kavala square" to "A corporal was blacklisted because he used lethals because he thought he was outnumbered when he wasn't"

And people entering the community can see something like that, and though it may be intimidating, it will also show that we do in fact hold the APD members accountable, and that they shouldn't be worried about cops ruining the server by acting like they are above the rules. If someone messes up, they are given an appropriate punishment not a slap on the wrist, but also nothing excessively harsh.

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2 hours ago, Albert Savage said:



2 hours ago, Fat Clemenza said:


Thank you for clearing this up. I can see where the APD is coming from now with this. I would still prefer it be made private, but that is just my personal opinion and I understand why it being done.


58 minutes ago, Talindor said:


scared shocked gun scream paul rudd

Sorry to get off topic, but 10 outta 10 signiture. (This is just like kavala rook pwebs shooting their buddy when they get caught) XD

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