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HIYA! it's me zero the kitten!

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hiya guys i am sorta sure most of you guys have heard of me or seen me on the forums/server (assuming because i am always told in game "zero i have seen you on the forums") but i dont think any of you guys really know me. ssssooo i will just tell you guys a bit about myself. I am 18 and in my last year of high school. I have played video games every since i could and loved them ever since. I try to be extremely nice to everyone and respectful but if you dont respect me i wont respect you. I am male (been told plenty of times that people thought i was female) and i am also gay and in a happy relationship. So if you wish to throw any homophobic remarks at me say it to my face ^.^ I play as APD the most because it is extremely fun to play as. I am the leader of the gang The Brotherhood. (we try to be a friendly gang) So if any of you fine people out there see me on the server or teamspeak dont be afraid to say hello i love talking to new people!  If you wish to ask me anything feel free to msg me.

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