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Buying any meth houses with crates - Server 1

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30 minutes ago, Dustin87 said:

Dp5 2 crater w garage for 2

How much storage space is 2 crates man?

1 hour ago, Grenade65 said:

I will sell you an abdera 3 crater with garage for 4mil.

Heck to the no id be broke. <3

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41 minutes ago, krypton said:

I'll consider it. 3 crates is really convenient. They all hold 800?

How much do I got to pay on top of the 3 mil to get the houses?

Dont listen to dustin87 my 3 crater and garage is better. <3

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2 hours ago, krypton said:

Yes sounds pretty sick give me time to think.

Ok so you cant buy a house with crates. Buy them yourself. The y inventory is a different option available to use and it depends on the amount of crates your house can hold to how much you can upgrade. I think they all start at like 200. But can be upgraded. So when you buy a house windows key and it will say upgrade storage thats how you get to hold more ingredients 

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