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  1. GG. Olympus has fallen. Bad idea.... Servers fucked

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  2. banned on the ts

  3. I think my reasons are valid. In fact the reason I have so many posts about you is due to your constant harassment of me. Abusing cop on me and constant CYBERBULLYING. Why is it? Is it because I am Gay? Jewish? Black? Is it one of those or something else? I would like to add a harassment charge to Mr. Goodman's bounty. Thank you. Or it wouldn't really matter because VX ABUSE would pardon him of it.
  4. Why would you want to free Goodman? This thread is about him being a bully and needing to be banned.
  5. OBJECTION. Irrelevant info. And no. Only MASS rdm like twice.
  6. Hello community. I feel this has gone on too long and I need to bring this to the public. I am constantly harassed by Goodman and other members of the VX clan. Here is a screenshot of one of his most recent barages: http://imgur.com/k3TrWxh This is very bad behaviour and should not be tolerated in this community. Goodman is not the only person to do it as I have had similar comments from Salmon,Twix, Cole Anderson, and others. What I am asking this community to do is band together and realize this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Admins, please take some kind of action as this is just unacceptable on Olympus Entertainment and makes some feel unwelcome. Thank you for reading and I hope something can be done about this. And if anyone else has been bullied by Goodman or VX please post here. Nobody should be called cancerous. Please ban but before ban I want to sue him in Olympus court for money for emotional damage.
  8. Your not a fucking mod and I already have a witness to it so a real mod gets to decide if its good or not. It seems like theres a good reason you arent a mod.... Sorry m8
  9. what the fuck. no it wasnt you lying fuck, even if it was itd be against rules because cops cant use rebel shop. So if it was he should be banned. One of his vx bududies "Boss" fucking planted it u lying peice of shit. They need to be removed from APD. THey let their own member get away with crimes but get arrested for one weed and one murder and they RDM a fucking peaceful lawyer. fuck all of vx, fuck all of apd, fuck goodman and heyday and boss especially.
  10. APD is so corrupt and abusive ffs. I was talking to some cops (Heyday and Goodman). I had my lawyer come in and they fucking shot him after I wanted to talk to him about my release. Goodman and heyday both opene dup. I think they were in a teamspeak or something. My lawyer did nothing wrong and I did nothing wrong either. I was arguing a petty drug charge for 1oz of weed and manslaughter which was in self defense. Please remove and ban thanks admins. Ive heard VX cops usually group together and actually fucking abuse so hard, ban them.
  11. idiot

    1. Wumbo


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      1. allo mi friends i'm petur markovich and i from russia. i pley in rusia server and i em bronze 2 but i try to pley better and i drink omega 3 codliver oil to plei bettur and my dream is to be laik doublift ))) i try to contect doublift to meik team with him but i dont heff his phoen number )) plis some one give mi his numbar )) i not go school and pay my internet everimonth just to pley league of ledgands to become laik him )) plis no copy pasterino dongerino mi story ))