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Conquest Changelog - 1-20-23



Get in faster and help reduce server lag by following the instructions here: https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/wiki/Olympus_Mission_Updater


  • Zargabad
    • 3 Zones
      • Ab-e Shur
        • zvtuMEj.png
      • Nango
        • lTSZwS6.png
      • Yarum
        • AXnCvOf.png
  • Automated point removal/addition based on population
    • 50 Players 4 Points
    • 35 Players 3 Points
    • 25 Players 2 Points
    • 15 Players 1 Point


  • Players no longer require Rebel training to purchase weapons, pull vehicles, etc.


  • Kujari not giving WPs for killing players in zones
  • Vehicles listed on S1 Auction House can no longer be used on Conquest
  • Players getting spammed with flag already owned hint
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  • Love 1
  • Haha 1


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