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Conquest Changelog - 2023-04-04





  • Zargabad
  • Adv. Rebel vehicles
  • Ported new clothing UI
  • Y inventory not dropping on death
  • Chernarus 2035 added Utes as a zone
  • Disabled damage on buildings within 150 meters of each flag


  • SDAR's price increased to $35,000
  • End of $10 million pot bonus donation goal
  • Enabled damage on some Kujari cap buildings
  • Delayed removal of caps until 5-10 mins after conquest starts
  • Automatic zone deletion on round start based on pop after 5 minutes now


  • Malden chapoi zone
  • Laggy backwheel drop
  • Issues with auto-deleting points
  • Being able to respawn for free if broke on SWAT
  • Black MXSW mags not counting towards loadout price
  • Flag caps with the new progress bars had a UI scaling issue
  • First aid kitting or using an epi pen cancelling flag capturing
  • Several fixes across some of the new zones we have added recently


  • Cop sirens
  • Chernarus 2035 removed Vybor Airfield


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  • Community Manager
4 minutes ago, Tyrone Darnell said:


  • Laggy backwheel drop                   how did this get fixed? do you just spangle if you try to do it,or is it just not possible anymore

Same as S1 implement anyone in an MRAP going more than 35 KM/PH will be spangled.

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