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Altis Life Update - 2023-04-01 - April Update




Release Date: April 1st, 2023 - 3:00 AM EST


The in-game mission download speed has been lowered to alleviate some server network performance issues

Please utilize our mission updater (Auto-Hotkey script) that is provided above



  • Crafting
    • Blueprints
      • Blueprints are Illegal
      • Blueprints have 1 Virtual weight
      • Blueprints can be stored in any house or trunk
      • Blueprints resell for 40% of their purchase price
      • Blueprints are purchased from Blackmarket Auction NPCs
      • Each Blueprint displays what items can be crafted in the Blueprint Shop Menu
        • Blueprints are filtered by types (Ex: Vehicles, VTOLs, Armored Vehicles, Assault Rifles, Suppressors, Launchers, etc.)
      • Blueprints that haven't been learned are displayed in white, Blueprints that have are displayed in Green
      • Advanced Rebel Blueprints require the license to purchase
    • Crafting
      • The Abandoned Factories have been re-activated as Illegal Zones
      • Players can now craft Physical and Virtual items as well as Vehicles
      • Items the player doesn't have the Blueprint for are displayed in red and inaccessible
      • Players must have adequate Scrap in their inventory and the Blueprint of the selected item learned
      • Players can select up to 100 Physical and Virtual items to craft at a time
      • Only a single vehicle can be crafted at a time
      • If a player doesn't have the Advanced Rebel license they cannot craft Adv. Rebel items 
      • Crafting takes place at the Crafting Box
        • Physical Items crafted will appear in the Physical Inventory
        • Virtual Items crafted will appear in the trunk of the Crafting Box
        • Vehicles crafted will be inserted directly into a player's garage
        • Players must remain within 25M while crafting
          • Moving out of this radius will cancel crafting and remove all progress
    • Formulas
      • Scrap Value = (Value / 100) * .8
      • Craft Value =  (Value / 100) * 1.15
      • Craft Time = (Craft Value / 100)
  • Custom Horns
    • Players can now purchase Custom Horns through the Olympus Store
    • Each purchase unlocks 1 crate key
    • Horns are randomized and cannot be duplicates
    • Currently 30 custom horns additional horns will be added later
    • Horn sounds can be previewed in-game
    • Players can activate the horn by pressing (G)
      • Keybind can be rebound in the keybinds menu
    • Opening a crate plays a new animated graphic
    • Founders Circle members will receive all horn unlocks for free with a Donation Support ticket
  • Mod Compatibility
  • Fuel Siphon
    • Weighs 2
    • $5k purchased at WPL, Black Market, APD Market, Rebel, and Medic Markets
    • Drains targeted vehicle's fuel to 10%, cannot drain lower than 10%
    • Takes 20s with animation
  • GPS pathing
    • You can now select a location on the map and a path will appear on your GPS and map indicating the fastest road route.
    • Off by default
    • Toggle top right magnifying glass
  • Gang rank 3+ can now send a war request to all applicable gangs
  • Double Process value of virtual items in the Market tab
  • Hide option for map markers
    • Players must open their map and toggle "Hide map markers"
    • Click a marker once to hide it
    • Double click a marker to hide all markers with the same name
    • Double clicking a list of items will hide it from the map until re-enabled by double-clicking it again
    • Saves over restarts and relogging
  • APD Bomb defuse kits can now defuse regular explosives
    • Defuse action takes 10 seconds
    • Once defused the bomb is placed on the ground and can be retrieved or seized
  • Orca (Smoke) to Vehicle Airdrop
    • 1x 360 Smoke
      • 24 Canisters
    • Flares reduced to 84
    • Insurable but considered Illegal and can be claimed
    • Scraps for 37500
  • Police officers now have a 5-second seize animation to seize illegal items off the ground
  • Pickaxe to Rebel and Blackmarket
  • APD receives 10% of weapon value from seizures
  • Evidence Locker now has a 15% chance to retain suppressors, tasers, and high-value loot that is seized by the APD
  • Mission file downloader button in the escape menu
  • RnR Coordinators can now access all hex icons
  • Server now broadcasts at 15, 10 and 5 minutes before a Conquest starts on Server 3
  • Fake repair door option for APD Training Dome
  • Staff can now add Nitro to Demolition Derby's automatically
  • Textures


  • Crystal Meth and Moonshine now count as 3 contributions for the 'Drugs Sold' Community Goal
  • Hunter (Smoke) now deploys an additional countermeasure across a wider range
  • Evidence Locker 7.62 Suppressor spawn rate increased 400% 
  • Gold Bar count is no longer completely RNG based
    • Gold Bar count scales off of online APD officers
      • Hard minimum is 150
      • Hard maximum is 325
      • Bonus maxes at 15 cops with a minimum of 325 bars and a maximum of 425 bars
      • For example:
        • At 5 cops gold generation will be 
          • Minimum of 150
          • Maximum of 225
        • At 10 cops gold generation will be
          • Minimum of 225
          • Maximum of 325
    • Minimum gold generated is increased for every corporal+ and SGT+ online 
      • Corporal+ gives 5 extra bars
      • SGT+ gives 7 extra bars 
  • All Tracksuit variants are now available to $100+ donors
  • Owned houses are no longer locked when the owner is offline
  • Medic Hex Icon changes
    • Pararescue gets the Lieutenant Icon
    • Supervisors get the Captain Icon
    • Coordinators get Colonel icon
  • Federal event cooldown is now 40 minutes
    • If the bomb was defused/sealed timer is 30 minutes
  • Blackwater spawn rate now accounts for officer deaths instead of Officers online for additional loot chance
    • Cop count for enhanced loot altered
  • Processing radius increased to 25M
  • Restarts for update now hint players about the mission file downloader


  • Auction house filters not displaying correctly for Qilin (Light) and various other vehicles
  • Inability to add charges to bugged players
  • Licenses performance optimization
  • TDM payouts now sending properly
  • Gangbase not limiting to 10 players
  • Lethal Injectors not syncing inventory properly
  • Sirens playing on a loop while a player is dead/in passenger seat
  • Panic buttons/dispatches not properly cleaning up if the player logs out
  • Dopamine exploit on server restart
  • Wrong Y-Inventory showing up when trying to pickup items
  • Cash not picking up but displaying that it has been
  • Getting revived as you respawn allows you to respawn with your loadout
  • Vehicle tracking markers superseding group markers
  • Promoting/demoting a gang member required exiting the menu or promoting/demoting twice to update
  • Map script errors
  • Inability to register a Titan Lock sometimes
  • Players sending Support dispatches now have their gang tag properly displayed
  • All icons are now in 64x64
  • Fire axe hinting that the player is too far away
  • Faction lighting still being broken
  • Inability to process Rare Alloy from a vehicle
  • Canceling heal animation through donor dancing
  • Getting in passenger seating disembarking players randomly
  • Taru jump/ground collision bug
  • Script error on disbanding a gang after receiving a war invite
  • If a Supervisor+ applies a custom hex from Civilian it defaults the default Medic Hex Icon
  • Warrants now have a 30M cooldown per player after completion/evasion to avoid the same player receiving chain-warrants
  • Medic payouts not actually increased for EMT/Basic Paramedic
  • Terror markers and radius not being cleaned up
  • Map
    • Mushroom processor building simulation
    • Mr. Lea's memorial
    • Various map markers
    • Pyrgos chop shop crates clipping
    • Various infostand placements


  • Textures
    • Civilian
      • Combat Fatigues Red Rebel
      • Combat Fatigues Urbanite
      • Combat Fatigues Tan
      • Dadswag Poloshirt
      • Medusa Tracksuit
      • Racer SUV
      • Water Elemental SUV
      • Alcoholics Anonymous Gang Fatigues
      • Alcoholic Anonymous Gang Hatchback
      • Aloha Poloshirt
      • COB Gang Uniform
      • NSFW Gang Uniform

Hotfix #1

  • Fixed Faction lighting for helicopters
  • Fixed Faction (Light) vehicles not enterable with enter as passenger
  • Fixed New player first-time join not loading
  • Fixed Fuel Siphon being unusable on vehicles not owned
  • Fixed House Keyholder names
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Recommended Comments

30 minutes ago, doubleueyeceekay said:

bring back NPCs

dang i also hope the horns don't sound tacky and get old instantly

They said in helps with FPS and server lag

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2 minutes ago, Alert said:

They said in helps with FPS and server lag

looks shit though, i liked olympus having little details like that so it is differentiable from other servers

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  • Community Manager
2 hours ago, doubleueyeceekay said:

horns have a massive variance in volume in the preview window

We'll be working on equalizing volume for horns to make it a more consistent experience.

Thank you.

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  • Community Manager
5 hours ago, XnavrasX said:

Medics getting an april fools event this year or nah?

4 minutes ago, GrizzlyMan1252 said:

No real guarantees on this as we've been trying to get this patch pushed in time. There'll probably be a purge in Kavala per usual however need someone to overlook and deal with that.

Until announced no guarantees at the moment.

  • Sad 1
  • Hmm 1
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12 hours ago, XnavrasX said:

Medics getting an april fools event this year or nah?

You know last year I just got the A-OK from Lime and said R&R can medic rules for the day. You can probably just do the same...

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24 minutes ago, Mako loves traps said:

You know last year I just got the A-OK from Lime and said R&R can medic rules for the day. You can probably just do the same...

Thats pretty much what happened.

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