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  1. How much for the ENVG's?
  2. Could you open up your forum messages 

  3. mhm wanna downvote me Karma is incomming :D

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    2. Mawganm


      I do what I’m told boy what else can I say apparently your a shit person so I did what I’m told no reason to down vote me tho 



      little boy u aint doing shit 

    4. Mawganm


      what you on about


  4. wow 5 mill but getting rekt'ed and tazed by random civs trying to get some wp's off me totally worth it
  5. Looking for a house pretty close to mushroom Pro
  6. Fawoz

    What’s poppin

    Amazing Good Content RYAN FTW
  7. Just want the taser I really don’t have a number for each mag but I’ve been told it’s 5wp per
  8. I have one on S3 if interested
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