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  1. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    10k per warpoint
  2. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    damn why everyone downvoting
  3. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    I need more than a "I'm pretty sure"
  4. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    If my gang and I are fighting another gang and we kill one of their members and they get rezzed can we kill them again without saying anything as long as we're still engaged with the other members of their gang? just wanna be 100% cause I've been threatened with reports for doing this a few times.
  5. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    I've literally already explained this. Read the thread.
  6. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    That's what I basically reported on he literally drove through my house and ran me over multiple times. He legit clipped through the walls like they weren't even there and I explained it all in the report. I guess since I don't have enough memory to record every second of gameplay it isn't reportable even with photographic evidence of his truck in my house
  7. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/18v90egaeen6yo6/Screenshot_20190813-134116.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8fnjnid1ajk3keo/20190812205756_1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/c08cvn68huzo8bd/20190812205810_1.jpg?dl=0
  8. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    Hold up so this whole time i have thought this was within the rules because I have reported a cop for it before like a year ago and they didn't get banned because it was roleplay that they jumped through the window tho??? did the rule change or something? I literally remember being pissed about it because it was when only corps could raid houses and i locked myself in one of the cheapo 450k houses to not get arrested and he jumped through so i reported him and nothing happened to him.
  9. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    Boi you sped
  10. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    Isn't saying fagg*t and shit bannable too anyway lol but I mean. You're friends with the admin so obv you aren't gonna be or forums muted or anything cause legit everyone knows that they play favorites.
  11. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    lol why do people always get so triggered when i call out cops? like chill out ya fucking sped. ik you guys suck off every cop that passes by but jesus Christ the admin really hire retards sometimes and its just annoying. literally recorded someone getting let go with a 1m bounty months ago and submitted and nothing happened to him. guess they have to defend their decisions to hire dumb fuck kids even if they're in the wrong. just like one of my gang mates recently getting banned with evidence he did nothing wrong lmfao go continue sucking off the admin and grow up, kid.
  12. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    Ik that's what I told him. It's just that he does this every single time I kill him and I don't want him rying to basically scam new players or those who just don't know. He's annoying as is but getting that "hur dur comp or ban" text every time I wipe him is just getting really old.
  13. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    I'm pretty sure he did. Can't remember exactly remember what he said but I know it was along the lines of "you can't shoot me because I had just logged on after you killed the other cop" but that was just one of multiple other messages ye just wouldn't shut up about it. I'll check when I get on tonight though.
  14. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    shiiiiit word then i might actually just to be pety
  15. Dox | Cheeky Narco

    Is this not an open forum where I can post whatever I want? Lol I just wanted to vent a little. I never said he broke a rule, did I? I just want others to be weary and not worry when he texts them crying and asking for comp.

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