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  1. play cop more and r6 less you bastard
  2. -1, did not grant me the n word pass before o7'ing. Jokes aside, hope you hop on time to time to fuck around on Civ.
  3. I've been waiting for 5 weeks then and still no update. I'll give a rundown real quick in case you could resolve this. I've played on this server for about the last month, and I've been consistently doing shit run wise. The profile page regarding money and bounty and such is always on point, but the goods sold has not been updated for like the last 3-4 weeks for me. My player ID is 76561198051557255 if that could help you.
  4. Has anybody had any trouble over the last month with their profile just not updating on sold goods? Not to sure what to do, but if somebody has a fix, I'd love to hear it. Not really a big deal but I'd like to know how much shit I've sold.
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