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  1. hello commandersuki i was wondering if i can apply for R&R i have all of the qualification. but when i first submitted the request i didn't have the exact time required but now i have everything checked may i have permission to apply for R&R the reason i am asking for your permission is you told me to wait two weeks before resubmitting but i just wanted to ask if you can be lenient? message me when you can.

    1. Rossco


      I would recommend pming someone for a request like this in the future....I would also recommend for the future, for you to just be patient for situations such as this. Meaning don't message a senior for a test/app or the like and just simply wait like the rest of us had too. GL

    2. CommanderSuki


      Just follow the instructions you were given and dont post shit like this on my profile when all the info you need already have been given to you.


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