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  1. can't beat em join em jk fuck apd join R&R we have coffee
  2. wormhole of youtube videos and some hippie friends
  3. Random as fuck but I just want to chat with a fellow mycologist.
  4. Yes all poker games will be held through Pokerstars free play.
  5. Thanks man, buy ins for the cash game can be adjusted. I would like the tournaments to be for high rollers though.
  6. I will be hosting a weekly poker game for Olympus money. There will be a No Limit Texas Holdem tournament held every week on Sunday. 5 million buy in. Winner takes all. If you are interested in playing please PM me or comment on this post and I will put you on the list. 250k fee on-top of the 5 mil for fee. Cash games will also be held upon request. No limit Texas Holden. Minimum buy in 500k. All players will be paid out according due to their winnings. Also I will be running a Blackjack operation. Blackjack hands will be taken upon request at any time. 5 MILLION MAX BET FOR NOW MIN BET 50K Hands will be be played out live over a snapchat account called OLYMPUSCASINO. Cards will be shuffled live, hands will be played out live. I will never take your money if I lose a bet. Players that decide to not pay up will be banned from my casino along with gang members, so do not ruin it for everyone for a quick dime. I wish you all the best of luck. My casino will not accept and coin flip bets in game. Only from @MrRylex
  7. No servers pop up when I launch Arma ): Wonder how long this will last.
  8. LSD


    Looking forward to playing with you again.
  9. LSD


    Does everyone else still play?
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